ages 4 and up                     $7.00
ages 3 and under             Free

cash only.

The Silver Bow Drive-In is committed to the safety of everyone, please help us by observing and obeying the following rules:

  •  Speed Limit is 5 mph, Always Drive with Caution

  • Keep Headlights on While driving and off When Parked

  • No Sitting/Lying on the Ground without a chair.  Sitting in the bed of a truck & inside the back of a SUV is allowed. 

  • You Must Stay Clear of the Driving Lane and be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • No Refunds & No Admission After Ticket Booth Closes

  • The purchase of a food permit is required if outside food and beverages (non-alcoholic) are brought onto the premises 

  • No Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Fireworks, or Firearms

  • Shoes are Required

  • Do Not Switch Sides; Ticket is Valid for One Side Only

  • Children Must be Accompanied by a Guardian at all Times

  • No Running or Roughhousing, Do Not Climb on Fences or Structures

  • Please Keep All Pets Inside Vehicle Cab

  • Do Not Create Hazards for Others; ie Digging Holes, Throwing Objects

  • Smoking is Prohibited within 30ft of any Building, Do Not Discard Tobacco Products on the Ground

  • Entry without Payment is Theft of Services, Violators will be Charged a Re-Admission Fee

  • Disruptive Activities will Result in Removal from Premises Without a Refund

Silver Bow Drive In

Outdoor Movie Theater

The silver Bow Drive-in movie theater
Opening Soon spring 2024!

The Silver Bow Drive-In Theater invites you to join us for an affordable night out. Where a movie under the stars is an old-fashioned experience that never fails to ignite the senses.  And don't forget to top off the night with candy, popcorn, and soda from our concession stand.  Here at the Silver Bow Drive-In we are proud to serve the finest popcorn, popped in premium oil, and coupled with the taste of real melted butter.  See you at the Drive-In!


​The Silver Bow Drive-in Theatre has submitted a petition to appeal the approval of a conditional use permit for a gas station and convenience store to be built on the adjoining property to the east.

The decision to submit this appeal was made due to the lack of adherence to provisions that a new use or zoning classification “not adversely affect nearby properties or their occupants.”

Zoning exist to ensure harmony between new and existing structures. A gas station that operates 24/7 next door to a drive-in theatre is the very opposite of harmony.

Lighting from the gas station, headlights from customers as they enter and navigate the property, and the various noises and air pollution that is associated with a heavily trafficked fuel stop will severely impact the quality of the drive-in movie experience. Many drive-in theatre's across the nation have fallen victim to light pollution as the growth of city’s push out a once tranquil night sky. The Silver Bow Drive-In would like to continue showing movies and building memories for many generations to come.

We appreciate everyone's continued support!

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Opening Soon:

Opening weekend and details we will be posted soon.